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Seller Representation

Putting your Brazos Valley property on the market? Whether it’s a single-family home, a commercial space, investment property or raw land, you can rely on BCR REALTORS® to represent your best interests and get you the best price and terms possible.

Customized Marketing Strategy

No two properties, neighborhoods, or sellers are the same – so why should a marketing strategy be any different? At BCR, we respect the particularities of each of our clients and their properties and we build a marketing plan that’s custom-tailored to your needs and goals as well as to the property itself.

Whether you have a tight timeline, a number you want to target, or other considerations, we’ll keep your objectives in mind when we create your marketing strategy.

shutterstock_272156168Old School Meets New School

At BCR, we work hard in our marketing strategies on our clients’ behalf. Our tools and methods are a combination of traditional and cutting-edge, allowing us to reach the widest audience effectively and efficiently. We use what’s been proven to work along with the latest platforms and procedures to ensure that your property is brought to the attention of the right people.

In-Depth Market Knowledge

There is no substitute for the intuitive knowledge that can only come from decades of experience in real estate in the Brazos Valley. Our deep familiarity with the region’s historic trends, current market conditions, and the various communities that make up the Brazos Valley allows us to provide complete, up-to-date and nuanced assessments to our clients.

Service Beyond the Sale

Our services don’t end when the sale concludes. At BCR, we like to make sure that you have everything you need even after you’ve signed over your property, and that everything proceeds without a hitch.

Get in touch with BCR REALTORS® today and let’s get started on finding the right buyer for your property.

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